2017 Must See Landmarks In Bloomington IN

Bloomington, IN has a tremendous amount of heritage and history, from first state college found west of Allegheny Mountains to the bustling limestone industry. The city well-known for its unique restaurants and that include some amazing family-friendly options. However, what captivates visitors the most the awe-inspiring landmarks that are found here. If were to visit on a weekend, here's a list of the best landmarks that are worth exploring:

1.Buskirk Chumley Theater

Buskirk Chumley Theater is a Spanish revival landmark and one of the busiest community movie houses in the city. As a high-quality community resource and performance venue, the BCT hosts a various music, film, theatre, community, and dance events all year-round, presented by over 50 organizations. You are also going to find national-touring performers - particularly comedians and musicians - in BCT.
The theater serves as a primary ticketing office for performance groups and venues across the city. You can also buy locally-themed or locally-made gift items, such as t-shirts and ornament featuring BCT's iconic "Indiana" marquee.

2.Farmer House Museum

Ed Farmer and Mary Ellen left their historic 1868 residence to the Bloomington community in 1998, to be used to support cultural memory and historic preservation. The collection is unique and varied, ranging from the late Eighteenth Century to the late Nineteenth Century. Contents include family photographs, letters, clothing, household items, furniture, school memorabilia and pottery.
There is a special attention on the years 1920-1960, a time of coming of age for Bloomington farmers themselves and for the nation. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 3 pm. Entry is free!

3. Fountain Square Mall

Fountain Square is a historic building that is home to an array of eclectic boutique shops, unique to the city's storefronts and offering an out-of-this-world shopping experience. Here, you will discover items you have never anywhere else when shopping. Even if you have been to this mall before, you will be surprised so many new intriguing items.
The building itself is very picturesque and carries so much history that dates back to 1865. It was brought back to life in 2001 to serve as a mall for the people of Bloomington. A visit to the Fountain Square Mall will truly make your day.

4. Monroe County History Center

Explore a museum store, a genealogy library and three galleries featuring countless items related to Indiana and Monroe County heritage. Explore a pioneer cabin or one-room schoolhouse or learn about the Bloomington's early industries including its limestone heritage. Special programs and changing exhibits run throughout the year.
Admission to the museum is free for kids under 6, $1 for kids ages 6-17 and $2 for adults.

5. Downtown Bloomington

The downtown area covers the eleven blocks surrounding the court house and heading west on Kirkwood Ave. to the IU Sample Gates. The historic court house square of Bloomington city is the heart of a very vibrant downtown.
An amazing mix of new and old, this stunning historic area is filled with some of the best shopping stores. Downtown Bloomington is home to many cafes, restaurants, bakeries and many well-known stores selling merchandise from sophisticated to funky.