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Chiropractic Bloomington IN Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation from Bloomington Chiropractors is a procedure used to passively exercise soft tissue up to the tolerance of healthy tissue, but not past the point of pain where tissue destruction could take place. This electrical current stimulates the nerves as they enter the muscle and gently contracts the muscle in a rhythmic pattern to accomplish a variety of therapeutic benefits. At the time of an injury, muscles, ligaments, and paravertebral soft tissue are flooded with lactic acid and toxic materials. These toxic materials must be cleansed by the lymphatic system. Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has the heart to pump it, the lymphatic system relies upon the movement of the surrounding tissues to push it through. While this natural movement can be severely restricted by pain and swelling, it can be activated with electrical muscle stimulation which contracts the muscles in rhythmic patterns, and greatly aids in assisting the body in this cleansing process. Because inactivity allows a muscle to heal in a weakened state, muscle stimulation is an excellent procedure because it promotes healing, strengthening, and stabilizing factors in the recovering muscle tissue

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