Do You Have Migraines or Headaches?


Headaches and Migraines can be caused by stress, chemicals, blood pressure etc. but the number one cause is a Cervical Subluxation. What is a Cervical Subluxation, it is a misalignment of the vertebrae and/or a loss of normal movement of the vertebrae causing neurological irritation and resultant muscle spasming.

Two Primary Types of Headaches

Tension Headaches

-This is the most frequent type of Headache that people suffer from. Tension headaches feel like a pressure sensation on one side of the head or both and can also produce a tightness and pressure behind the neck in the sub-occipital region as well as pressure behind the eyes. Stress just from life itself can cause these headaches but also stress physically to the upper back spine(thoracic spine) and in the neck(cervical spine). What many people assume is that there headache is just from emotional stress and only they can control them, so they live with them, the truth is they may be physically produced from poor posture, injuries to the neck and upper back, stomach sleeping or poor sleeping posture, unrehabilitated traumas to the neck for instance. These people we help with a very high frequency of success with Chiropractic, postural change, soft tissue rehabilitation, exercise. Chiropractic care is the key and initiates all the change necessary. Covering up these headaches with drugs is not a solution and may dramatically increase the likelihood they have more frequent and more painful headaches in the future.

The key is diagnosis by a specialist and care that corrects the cause of the headaches.


-Migraines are severe headaches of a vascular nature with throbbing pain, nausea and in some cases sensitivity to light or noise. Most migraine sufferers know or sense a migraine is coming, the headache is a pounding nature as blood is under constricted blood vessels in the head. What triggers migraines varies a lot, it can be lack of sleep, certain foods, emotional stress, noise, lights, weather changes just to name a few.

Our success rate with Tension headaches is very high, Migraines are more challenging but with the patients help in avoiding triggers that we determine, we do reduce the frequency and severity of these difficult headaches with a chiropractic program.

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