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Therapeutic Ultrasound Chiropractic Bloomington IN

Ultrasound is a therapeutic device that is widely used by hospitals, medical doctors, physical therapists and Bloomington Chiropractors. Ultrasound is high frequency sound waves. The waves penetrate the tissue, causing a vibration in the tissue, or a “micro-massage”. The vibration of each individual cell causes the cell to greatly increase its metabolic rate of “throwing off” its waste products. This is very helpful because injured or malfunctioning tissues cannot metabolize or throw off its waste products due to congestion. This causes more congestion, slows down the recovery rate, and causes the involved area to heal with that congestion, which can cause a weakened state, malfunction, scar tissue, or calcification. By the use of ultrasound, the sound vibrates the cells, causing them to increase their metabolic rate, which in turn “cleans” the tissue, so the injured or malfunctioning tissue heals much faster and more completely.

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