“I can’t believe the results”

I really received a lot of help from Dr. Fox and his office. I had been fighting for a number of years with back pain, stress and headaches, made worse by seeing the wrong kind of doctors I believe. In just a few weeks of treatment I can’t believe the results.

- Kerry – Elletsville

“Incredibly friendly and helpful”

Dr. Fox’s staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. They provide a very welcoming and social atmosphere during treatment as well as effective care. I had severe back pain which has gone down tremendously with treatment. My posture has also been drastically affected. Dr. Fox goes to great lengths to help you understand what he’s doing as well as help you to take steps toward your overall wellness. I was skeptical about chiropractic in the first place but I have been very pleased with the results and the staff makes it feel much more comfortable than any trip to a doctor’s office.

- Dillon Gross – Bloomington

“Pain free and back to normal”

I came to Dr Fox with severe neck and shoulder pain. To move my shoulder was excruciating. With treatment I’m pain free and back to normal. I didn’t expect additional improvements in my overall health but that’s just what happened. I now have much more energy and my cholesterol levels and diabetes have both improved!

- Linda

“A great weight has been lifted!”

I suffered with back pain for over 4 years and then to add insult to injury was in a severe car wreck where I received multiple spinal fractures. What followed was 6 more years of chronic pain, depression and anxiety. I tried many types of health care specialists and received no help while my problems and pain mounted. A family member suggested Dr Fox and the results have been fabulous, he knew just what was wrong and I improved quickly. My pain is gone and I feel like a great weight has been lifted!

- Kelley Parson

“The pain is completely gone”

I suffered from debilitating and severe back and neck pain for years. Since I started treatment the pain is now completely gone and I have returned to work. I have stunned all my doctors who previously treated me and couldn’t fix me. 

- Nancy T.

“They really care!”

Dr. Fox is intuitive and caring in his treatment. In a very short time I was practically pain free. I had been suffering from extreme neck and upper back pain for months as well as tendinitis in my shoulder. I have seen a number of Chiropractors and I can tell you there is a real warm feeling of family in this office, they really care!

- Alice

“Outstanding and produces results”

Wonderful results and wonderful office. I had severe low back pain and an MRI which made me a surgical candidate but the doctor utilized the VAX-D treatment, therapy and his chiropractic adjustments and I’m doing great. I can now play hard with my kids and do my work without pain! I tried a number of different doctors before Dr. Fox with little help. My back was so bad I had to crawl out of bed every morning and was losing important time at work at Crane where I am an Engineer. The office is outstanding and produces results!

- Barry Gatewood

“Greatly Changed the Quality of My Life”

I wish everyone would come to Dr Fox and experience the healing. I just feel so much more Alive! I feel 20 years younger, my pain is nearly gone which I’ve had for years, I think clearer, I sleep better, I even breathe better. I can do more and my life is happier.

- Kathleen Zellers

“I can walk without leg pain”

I am 29 years old and developed severe lower back pain and sciatica down my left leg. Walking was very painful, even sleeping was agonizing. Dr Fox has been the most helpful heath practitioner I have ever had, he is very gentle, reassuring and his willingness to explain his procedures has made me very comfortable. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

- Brandi Masterson

“Long Live the Vax-D”

I searched and found Dr Fox for a unique treatment he offers called VaxD for bulging and herniated discs. I drive from Crawfordsville IN, over an hour. Without the Vax-D treatment and great physical therapy used at this clinic I can only imagine that they would have had to operate on me.
- J. Aden

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