Chiropractic Testimonials

"On January 1, 2020, I got into motorcycle accident at a great speed. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days with a compressed spine fracture. One day I drove by the office and saw the sign outside, so I decided to call and see.

Changes in my life had been great - since the accident I could barely move. I could not stand or walk for more than 4 feet / 15 minutes. I could not even go to Kroger! Now after just a couple of treatments of consistent care with A Way of Wellness Chiropractic I feel normal! Now I am able to get back to riding my bike several days a week. I still get discomfort at times but in this way it is manageable. I feel normal!"

- Priscilla C.

"My life changed because of my experience in this office - I have almost no pain, unless I do something silly that will cause a flare up! My hope for health with ongoing chiropractic care is to regain curve in my neck, vertebra is realigned, and my T1 isn't subluxated any longer!"

- Jacob M.

"I suffered from lots of pain inhibiting ADL. Unable to do menial housework or sit for any amount of time. Difficulty in sleeping was no stranger to me! I visited the clinic based on the good reviews online. After treatment I am experiencing serious decrease in pain - new ability to move, sleep do ADLs and sleep longer."

- Ashley M.

"I had bruised coccyx, could not sleep, comfortably walk, walk upstairs or sit. Past history with chiropractic care has guided me to the clinic. After 2 weeks of treatments I was sleeping better, walking and moving well!"

- Jan B.

"I fell and injured my back. It hurt to move and I got tired very easily. In my line of work with children it became very challenging. After my treatment I noticed improvement in movement and I can get up and down with the kids! I can keep doing the job that I love and keep my spine and muscles healthy."

- Sydney T.

"I had mid and lower back pain that was causing discomfort in my daily life, especially when it came to traveling. I was guided here by an online search and after attending I have had much less pain in my daily tasks.

My hope for my health in chiropractic care is to keep my pain at bay!"

- Bill M.

"I came to A Way of Wellness Chiropractic Clinic because of my lower back pain. It was very sore and tight in the mornings. It was difficult to tie shoes and after exercising, the back was so sore that normal activities became extremely difficult to perform. I choose to come here because of the good reviews online and how quickly they were able to assess me based on my insurance. Through 11 visits, the pain was reduced, it was coming and going from time to time.

My hope for my health in chiropractic care is that I continue learning about the new lifestyle choices (i.e. better posture, proper form, back alignment) so that I can reduce the amount of time I need to have chiropractic visits to rely on adjustments."

- C.Z.

"I came to A Way of Wellness Chiropractic because I was pregnant, with a long term neck pain and bad lower back pain - especially with sciatic nerve discomfort. My pregnancy was making it worse; I could not bend over or feel comfortable trying to relax at home. It was bad.

I found out that my pregnancy HIP Medicaid would cover chiropractic services - I was thrilled! I Immediately made the appointment with Dr. Gray - my brother has already been going to her and said it was life changing for him!

How has my life changed? Drastically! After the first few visits, my neck and lower back pain were already feeling so much better. Dr. Gray explained how the the alignments and treatments could make for an easier birth - it did! My birth process (labor, delivery) was amazing - with way less pain thanks to the chiropractic care! I hope that I can continue feeling great! I want to correct the injuries in my neck and back - chiropractic care isn't just "band aid" (as medicines can be) it actually can fix the problems and pain, and its improving each day because I keep going!"

- Haley M.

"The original problem that brought me to A Way of Wellness Chiropractic was a severe back pain and constipation. Since my first adjustment I am able to use bathroom DAILY! My pain level has decreased tremendously - thank you Dr. Gray!

My life with chiropractic care has improved beyond measures, with just a few adjustments! I can enjoy playing with my children again without pain.

My hope for future with ongoing chiropractic care is to be completely out of pain and for my spine to be realigned above my sacrum."

- Ashlie C.

"I work as a home rehabilitator and the pain in my lower back made it impossible for me to work. I had searched the internet for a clinic and you were the first place that was able to see me right away! After I received the treatment I returned back to normal for the most part, thank you for that!"

- A.B.

"I had pain in my lower back radiating to hips & legs, mainly left side. I had a hard time walking and was in a lot of pain. I looked online for a chiropractor that was in a convenient location to my work place, with good reviews and is able to work with my busy work schedule. Once my treatment was completed I was able to walk better, mostly pain free, no pain in the right leg and almost none in the left leg and a huge improvement in my lower back pain. My hope for my health in Chiropractic care is to continue with the care I need and looking forward to the future improved results."

- Amy P.

"The original problem that brought me to the Clinic was pain and discomfort when standing, sitting on hard surface or sitting cross-legged for more than 20 minutes. I was referred by Dr. Dorin K. The visits to the Clinic helped in managing my pain in a way that is less frequent and I made new friends!

My hope for my health in Chiropractic care is that I will be able to stand longer when needed like in an amusement park line, being able to sit on park benches and enjoying watching birds and being able to sit cross-legged longer than 20 minutes on the carpet with my grandkids."

- Megan M.

"I suffered from debilitating and severe back and neck pain for years. Since I started treatment the pain is now completely gone and I have returned to work. I have stunned all my doctors who previously treated me and couldn’t fix me."

- Nancy T.


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