The Best Parks and Museums Located In Bloomington, IN

Parks and museums are among the most preferred recreational locations within the city of Bloomington Indiana. A visit to a park will enable you to have an opportunity to engage in some of the most interesting activities that will leave you relaxed and rejuvanted. Furthermore, visiting some of the museums spread throughout the city will ensure that you are in a position to lean integral lessons regarding the rich culture and history of Bloomington. This article will highlight some of the museums and parks that one can visit in Bloomington Indiana.

Bryan Park

Bryan Park is one of the major parks in Bloomington Indiana. The park features an ample grass covered playground that offer an ideal location where your kids can get to enjoy various types of games. Bryan Park also has a large swimming pool that can be used for amusement and relaxation by both kids and adults. The extensive and beautifully manicured grass lawns are also ideal for event hosting for both kid and adult events. Bryan Park is also conveniently located near the CBD for easy accessibility.

Upper and lower cascades park

The Upper and Lower Cascades Park is located right within the heart of Bloomington City. The park features an extensive playground that serves to ensure that visitors have more than enough space to engage in various types of play activities. There is a waterfall strategically located within the park and this is one of the most attractive features of Upper and Lower Cascades Park. For those of you who are looking for a place where you can host your parties or any other event for that matter, then limestone shelter houses will provide na ideal location especially for indoor events.

Sherwood Oaks Park

The Sherwood Oaks Park is one of the amazing parks you can visit in Bloomington. Be that as it may, the park is one of the best places where you can get to enjoy a wide range of activities and at the same time, relax as you gaze at the amazingly manicured flower gardens. Kids can enjoy the large playground that allows for various types of kids related fun activities. The Sherwood Park is also an adult friendly establishment, since adults can get to enjoy playing on the tennis court and the park's basketball court. One thing that is unique to the Sherwood Park is the fact that it is one among very few parks in the city that has a butterfly garden. The butterflies usually serve as a key attraction, especially on the part of the younger visitors.

Eskenazi Museum of Art

The Eskenazi Museum of Art is an establishment of the Indiana University. The museum is one of the best museums to visit in Bloomington due to the fact that it has a lot of artifacts and information relating to the city's history.

Bloomington City Indiana is definitely an interesting place to visit. The aforementioned parks and museums are among the most interesting places you can visit thus enhancing the quality of your stay in Bloomington.