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Chiropractor James Fox D.C.

Chiropractor Bloomington IN James FoxEducation

Indiana University and Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis.

Postgraduate Studies

Acupuncture, Non-Surgical Herniated Disc Treatment, Soft Tissue Treatment, Massage


Dr. Fox primarily uses Diversified and Activator techniques; however, he also uses Palmer, Gonstead, Cox, Thompson, A.K. and Acupuncture. Dr. Fox has tremendous hands and is very delicate yet extremely effective at treating even the most difficult cases. Our focus is also on having our patients very comfortable and relaxed prior to an effective yet gentle adjustment.


Dr. Fox has been married to Lendy 23 years and going strong! They have 3 children, Brice, Logan and Fallon, all attending Indiana University at the same time! Dr. Fox and his wife enjoy water and snow skiing, golf, camping, reading and movies. They love Bloomington and hope their kids can live and work here also!

Dr. Fox made the decision to become a Chiropractor because he saw the need for doctors with the ability to improve patients’ health and eliminate their pain without medications. Please read below Dr Fox’s own success story with Chiropractic treatment.

My own story involves discovering Chiropractic after years of suffering from spinal injuries.

Dr James Fox- When I was 10 years old I was struck while walking by an automobile. I was left with terrible back pain and a digestive condition. My family took me to a number of Medical Physicians, all good and concerned doctors but with no treatment that helped in any way. Over 10 years I suffered until I discovered Chiropractic while in college at IU. I finally was helped, my pain was gone in my back and even the digestive condition disappeared. I redirected my education and became a Chiropractor.


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“Dr. Fox’s staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. They provide a very welcoming and social atmosphere during treatment as well as effective care. Dr. Fox goes to great lengths to help you understand what he's doing as well as help you to take steps toward your overall wellness.”

- Dillon Gross

“I wish everyone would come to Dr Fox and experience the healing. I just feel so much more Alive! I feel 20 years younger, my pain is nearly gone which I’ve had for years, I think clearer, I sleep better, I even breathe better. I can do more and my life is happier.”

- Kathleen Zellers

“Dr Fox has been the most helpful heath practitioner I have ever had, he is very gentle, reassuring and his willingness to explain his procedures has made me very comfortable. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”

- Brandi Masterson

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